UK VAT number received!

Update 2021-03-30: We have received a UK VAT number! We will start processing all UK orders and ship them as soon as possible 🙂

Our UK VAT number: 375 5416 77.

We have not yet received a VAT number from the HMRC and all UK orders are on hold.

As soon as we receive it we can ship orders to the UK.

Application submitted: 1st of January 2021

Update 2021-01-25: No news yet, we are still waiting.
Update 2021-02-02: We have not yet heard back from the HMRC.
Update 2021-02-11: No news.
Update 2021-02-25: We managed to contact them, they are working on our application.
Update 2021-03-01: We expect to receive it this week.
Update 2021-03-12: Still no news.
Update 2021-03-19: We got an email from the HMRC saying that they have cancelled our VAT application as we had not responded to their request for more information. We suspect they must have missed our response as we sent it after contacting them a while back (update 2021-02-25). We will try and contact them again to resolve this.
Update 2021-03-26: We sent in a new application. This time they estimate the process to take 1 week 🙂

We are very sorry for the delays.

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