Creality CR-6 SE/Max with UY connectors


1: 40x40x10 24V hot-end fan,
1: 40x40x10 24V part-cooling fan,
1: 60x60x15 24V mainboard fan,
1: 60x60x15 12V PSU (power supply) fan (or 40x40x20 for the CR-6 Max).
8: UY cable connectors – no soldering needed!
14: screws for the hotend & part cooling fans and adapters.

Installation notes

  • Remember to 3D-print the hotend fan & part cooling fan adapters BEFORE removing the old fan!
  • A complete guide is available at
  • Make sure to connect wires with correct polarity to the fans.
    • Red is positive (+) and black/blue is negative (-) for the fan wires.
    • The smaller 40x40x10 mm fan has reverse polarity protection, meaning that it will not be damaged if connected wrongly. The 60x60x15 mm 12V fan DOES NOT have this (the 24V version does) and will be damaged if connected wrongly!
    • The warranty is not covering damages to the fans caused by improper wiring.
  • Using the UY-connectors:
    • Insert one fan wire and the corresponding 3D-printer wire (with the same polarity) in one hole each.
    • The UY-connector has a metal bar inside that connects the two wires when squeezed. Make sure that both wires are centred and pushed past the metal bar in the connector.
    • When both wires are inserted properly, use e.g. pliers, and squeeze down the orange “button”. While UY connectors can be used we recommend soldering for a more long-lasting wire connection.
  • General installation instructions:
    • Remove the old fans and cut the wires around 3-5 cm from each fan. Make sure to leave some room on the wire to be able to strip it.
    • The fan blows in the direction of the label on it. The label on the fan should be towards the hotend/board (not facing away).

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us at!