Creality Ender series with UY-connectors


1: 40x40x10 24V hot-end fan,
1: 40x40x10 24V mainboard fan,
1: 60x60x15 24V PSU (power supply) fan.
6: UY cable connectors – no soldering needed!

Installation notes

  • Make sure to connect wires with correct polarity to the fans.
    • Red is positive (+) and black/blue is negative (-) for the fan wires.
    • The fans have reverse polarity protection, meaning that they will not be damaged if connected wrongly.
      • The warranty is not covering damages to the fans caused by improper wiring.
    • Using the UY-connectors:
      • Insert one fan wire and the corresponding 3D-printer wire (with the same polarity) in one hole each.
      • The UY-connector has a metal bar inside that connects the two wires when squeezed. Make sure that both wires are centred and pushed past the metal bar in the connector.
      • When both wires are inserted properly, use e.g. pliers and squeeze down the orange “button”.
    • Installing the hot-end fan:
      • On some 3D-printer models, the metal screw standoffs can be a bit bigger than the screw holes in the fan. To fix this simply use a knife or scissors and round out the four holes facing the standoffs in the fan.
      • For an even quieter fan, cut away and remove the fan grill in front of the fan.
    • General installation instructions:
      • Remove the old fans and cut the wires around 3-5 cm from each fan. Make sure to leave some room on the wire to be able to strip it.
      • Connect the new fan to the old wires using one UY-connector for each wire (i.e. red (positive) fan wire to positive 3D-printer wire).
      • The fan blows in the direction of the label on it. The label on the fan should be towards the hotend/board (not facing away).

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