Quiet Fan Kit for Creality Ender series 3D printers | Hotend, PSU, Part & Board cooling fan kit

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A fan kit with quiet fans for Creality Ender 3, 5, 3 v2 3D-printers.


Buy the fans individually:
– Hotend/part cooling/mainboard:
– PSU fan 12V:
– PSU fan 24V (but at Digikey):


A fan kit with quiet fans for Creality 3D-printers.

Standard fans on a 3D-printer are very loud. Replacing them with quiet fans make a huge difference! Combine it with a silent mainboard and you will barely hear it running!

– Ender 3, 3 pro, 3 v2
– Ender 5, 5 pro (does NOT fit the Ender 5 plus, it uses a 40x40x20 mm PSU fan)
– CR-10
– Any printer with similar fans
– A fan kit for Creality CR-6 SE/Max can be found here!

Customise your fan kit!

Note: this kit can be bought with or without the part cooling (PC) fan.

1: 40x40x10 24V hotend fan (if part cooling fan is selected you need to print this adapter, the stock fan cover won’t fit),
1: 40x40x10 24V part cooling fan (you will need an adapter, we are working on one but you can modify the “arm” from this and print the arm and the adapter),
1: 40x40x10 24V mainboard fan,
1: 60x60x15 PSU (power supply) fan, either 12V or 24V.
8: UY cable connectors – no soldering needed! (only if UY-connector type is chosen. 6 without the PC fan).
6: M3x10 mm screws (to attach the fan adapter to the hotend) (2 without the PC fan).
8: M3x16 mm screws (to attach the fan to the fan adapter) (4 without the PC fan).
And installation instructions (read them here!).

We offer JST-XH connectiors for all fans, but if you select it for the Hotend/Part cooling fan you will need to extend the fan wires (cut them, add extension in the middle)! The wires are too short otherwise.

A guide on how to install the fans and how to use the buck converter can be found here! It is for the CR-6 SE but the process is the same.

The part cooling fan can be bought separate here!

Measure the voltage on your PSU fan (or read the stock fan’s label) to see if it is either 12V or 24V before ordering! A 24V PSU can have a 12V fan!

Fan Size (cm) Manufacturer Voltage Type CFM Noise (dB) RPM Current (A) Lifetime (h) Wire length (cm)
Hotend, Part cooling & Mainboard fans 40x40x10 Orion Fans 24V Ball 6 20 4800 0,04 60000 (45°C) 28
12V Power Supply fan 60x60x15 CUI Devices 12V omniCOOL™ 13 15 2200 0,029 70000 (40°C) 28
24V Power Supply fan 60x60x15 NMB Technologies 24V Ball 7 19 1800 0,04 70000 (25°C) 23

The kit includes six UY cable connectors. No soldering is necessary to install the new fans.

For the best and most quiet result, we recommend removing (cutting off) the fan grill in front of the hotend fan!


We also sell the fans individually:
40x40x10 Hotend & Mainboard fan
60x60x15 24V PSU fan
60x60x15 12V PSU fan

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2 reviews for Quiet Fan Kit for Creality Ender series 3D printers | Hotend, PSU, Part & Board cooling fan kit

  1. Alex V (verified owner)

    Great, works.

  2. Marco Felazi

    Really quiet! Took some figuring to install it but it is working well

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